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Beautiful Life

I find the beauty of my life so difficult to put into words.

How can words adequately describe the way the clouds reflect in the water, or the way the evening sun throws a path of light down the length of the canal. How can words capture the feeling of your heart soaring as a family of Swans or Greylag Geese swim past only feel away, parents proudly showing off their brand new chicks.

Can words adequately capture the humour of ducks coming in to land on the water, quacking as the do? Or the cross little Moorens who get in the way, and feel their feathers have been ruffled.

All the colourful boats, and their often more colourful owners passing by with a cheery wave in greeting, and in recognition of a kindred spirit.

The pleasure of a quick chat with the dog walkers who pass by, and comment on your perfect spot to sit, whilst all the time trying, often in vain, to keep their dogs dry and out of the water.

My friends and I often comment how most people’s lives can be made to look perfect on social media, but is often anything but. I can truly say, mine is pretty close, and I am so grateful for that, every day.

The absolute best part of this beautiful life? Being able to share a small part of it with friends and family who come to visit.

My clumsy words may not do this beauty justice, but hopefully, photographs can come close, so I hope you enjoy sharing a small piece of my beautiful life. ❤