A day of ups and downs 18/365

So this should have been yesterday’s post but it didn’t happen, so here it is today!

I had to go to town yesterday (10 miles away) to take my youngest son (21) for a job interview. While he was having his interview, I went into a cafe close by and asked him to come and find me when he’d done.

So that is what he did. I asked how it went, he thought not brilliant, so we had a drink and some lunch and got in the car to go home. Car wouldn’t start! Tried a couple of times, but to me it sounded like a dead battery. I checked to make sure leads were on tightly, they were. Nothing left for it but to call out the breakdown company we are with. He came after a very cold hour of sitting in the car, got us started immediately, yes it was a flat battery, so I need a new one.

Got back to the boat eventually and our Labrador, Megan, who is 12 was struggling to get up and was very stiff, so we have arranged to take her to vets tomorrow.

So they were the downs. The up? Just before the breakdown man turned up, Sam got a phone call, offering him the job! He starts on Monday!


DNA results 17/365

Well I have received my DNA results this evening and it doesn’t contain any surprises really.

Not quite sure where the Swedish connection comes in but other than that, all the research I have done over the last 20+ years points to us being very much rooted in the midlands!

It has identified a few 3rd and 4th cousins so far, but there is going to be a lot of work to piece it all together!

Getting Excited! 16/365

I started my family research journey about 23 years ago, with my Dad. We were mainly just following his family name back as far as we could initially. Back then, although you could get a CD Rom (yeah I know, showing my age) to record all the information on, in the form of a family tree, records with the information were not really available online. So our searches consisted of going to local libraries and archives.

We spent many hours searching through Census reports, Birth, Marriage and Death records, I.G.I records, parish registers. Most of these records were stored on microfiche with difficult to read handwriting, and often mis-spelled information.

Despite this, we found a great deal of information and complied an extensive family tree, but of course, there is always more to do.

I never really looked much into Mum’s side, beyond great grandparents. She is now sadly no longer with us, but I intend to continue and find more of her history.

There is also more to be found on my father’s maternal side, which unfortunately he can no longer assist with. He will be 90 this year, and is suffering from dementia, so I will do it for him.

The thing that has prompted me to write this blog is an email I had this morning. My husband bought me a DNA testing kit as a gift for Christmas, and today I got an email informing me that my DNA has been analysed and my results are estimated to be ready by Saturday!

Wish me luck!

It must be a Windsday 13/365

We had an interesting start to our morning today. It was about 9am and the wind was blowing quite strongly, as it had been most of the night. We took the dog for her first wander of the day around the marina and as we reached the far side of the basin, there was a narrowboat whose front rope had come adrift, so it was only tied at the back and consequently the front end was blowing about wildly and bashing into a GPR cruiser moored next to it.

So to prevent damage to either vessel, Neil and another resident who happened to be walking his dog wrestled with the boat, against the wind and managed to re-tie it. So the other chap then headed back to his boat and we continued around the marina.

A little farther round, we came across a cruiser which had come loose at the front too and was blowing around, so this time, Neil and I wrestled it back to its mooring!

By comparison, this afternoon’s visit from our eldest son and 3 of the grandchildren was very restful!

Home is where the heart is. 11/365

Home, to me, has always been about the people in it and not about the place itself. During my life so far, I have lived in four different houses, and although for the most part I was happy enough there, I never really found I missed it when I was away, providing the family I love was with me. I didn’t find it difficult to leave any of those houses to move on to somewhere else.

I have seen grandparents, and later, parents, who would having been better moving to somewhere else as they grew older, but they stayed longer than they probably should, making life difficult for themselves because of an attachment to the house they lived in. On seeing that, I never wanted to be in the same position, and so far, I never have.

I now find, since living on the boat, that when I am away, even just for the day, I miss my home and I am always very glad to be home. What has occurred to me though, is that no matter how attached I become to this home, I will never be stuck. If we decide we want to live somewhere else, we need only to untie the ropes and head off, Leeds or Liverpool, Stratford or Windsor, and we will still be in our lovely home. The network is our oyster. Its a wonderful feeling.