Home is where the heart is. 11/365

Home, to me, has always been about the people in it and not about the place itself. During my life so far, I have lived in four different houses, and although for the most part I was happy enough there, I never really found I missed it when I was away, providing the family I love was with me. I didn’t find it difficult to leave any of those houses to move on to somewhere else.

I have seen grandparents, and later, parents, who would having been better moving to somewhere else as they grew older, but they stayed longer than they probably should, making life difficult for themselves because of an attachment to the house they lived in. On seeing that, I never wanted to be in the same position, and so far, I never have.

I now find, since living on the boat, that when I am away, even just for the day, I miss my home and I am always very glad to be home. What has occurred to me though, is that no matter how attached I become to this home, I will never be stuck. If we decide we want to live somewhere else, we need only to untie the ropes and head off, Leeds or Liverpool, Stratford or Windsor, and we will still be in our lovely home. The network is our oyster. Its a wonderful feeling.


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